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McKinney, Devin Meehan, Kate Cathy Berberian: Pioneer of Contemporary Vocality. Farnham, UK: Ashgate Publishing.

Suede: Love and Poison : The Authorised Biography by David Barnett (2005, Paperback)

Miles, Barry New York: Henry Holt and Company. He objected to having his subjectivity defined by binary notions; his persona existed between genders and sexualities. But our functional position is slippery, and its definition is open to future reversal. The chord progressions of these songs are catalogued as introduction, verse, chorus and bridge or ending.

For ease of comparison and to allow statistical data to be gathered more readily, each song is transposed into C major or minor, and analyses will be staged in those keys as well, though the original key will always be noted. Regarding rhythm, the tabulated chords simply follow one another and do not record duration; each chord label may occupy one bar, half a bar, or more than one bar for a similar system, see Moore , p. These progressions have been analysed and the emerging patterns theorised.

The two broader issues that form my hypotheses as outlined above emerged from statistical comparison.

Thus, while this article works towards two complete analyses of canonical Suede tracks from their debut album Suede, the preparatory spadework in the first part of this study moves us, often quite rapidly, from progression to progression, between songs from different eras.

This provides a platform on which to display characteristic patterns. Dominant Flow and Substitution Before explaining some of the more novel patterns, two representative songs demonstrate a foundational premise that forms a basis for many other songs and is the sine qua non of my subsequent analyses.

With its jangling guitar riff, the C major tonality original key is firmly established, but there is a looseness of D function that comes from substitution at crucial syntactical moments. The true chorus is announced by a change to the true dominant, G Ex. The song thus Ex.

So much for the D function; how about the T and S? Where two consecutive chords share the same function, there is no label beneath the second one, the first pertaining until it is replaced by a function change. Such principles underpin the entire corpus, and the theoretical premises can be further refined by a consideration of particular patterns that proliferate in this wide variety of songs. Note how, in Ex. At other times it resolves to the D G or its tritone substitute, Db. Both readings imply harmonic functions S—D—T [. Such parallel chord patterns are highly idiomatic to the guitar, because of the ease of sliding barre chords up and down the fretboard.

D and Eb constitute the only semitone gap, but the whole progression essentially outlines the Aeolian mode on C Ex. Such progressions often place bVII where we might most reasonably hear it as V, confirming the upper minor-third relation. This risks a hearing of V— IV, as if the characteristic descent of the twelve-bar blues were being reassembled as an opening, but the constant return to the first chord on the hypermetric accent might incline us to hear the upper chord as I. Moore thus hears the chord as Mixolydian inflected.

But the point is moot; the T is D-functioned to its S successor. This major-minor discrepancy contributes to the slinkiness of the song by giving it a subversive character all of its own. The practice of conflating T3 pitches with chords and keys has a name: octatonicism. Four T3 chords produce one of three octatonic cycles that can in some circumstances represent the three tonal functions of some strains of modernist music.

The prominent role of bVI as a pre- dominant chord has been flagged already, but this and other S alternatives can play a variety of roles: S-flow and Plagality One aspect of the increased role of the S is backwards rotation around the circle of fifths. Some songs follow an S course throughout. Rather than being cadential endings, however, this Suede fingerprint opens countless songs. This is the kind of progression privileged in the Classical style. S Narrative Along with the propensity to begin a chorus in the S-region, both Butler and Oakes generally distinguish between D flow and S flow in either the chorus or the verse.

Songs with teleology or a sense of narrative tend to move from S flow to D flow, irrespective of whether the chorus begins on IV or not. Static S flow in the verse; D flow in the chorus Table 6. Read EIN's full review and see more great visuals. The recording received extensive media coverage throughout the world in and The discovery of this recording was like finding an unknown Rembrandt or Van Gogh to the music industry.

The purchase of this original tape recording in was like a dream come true for Andrew Jackson. However, some dreams can turn into nightmares; especially when those dreams feed the greed and power of the hungry hearts of those who take every avenue possible to steal the dreams of others or to stop the world from sharing the joy of that historical event.

A CD edition of the song will shortly be released. For more information visit the International Classic Productions website. There is no doubt that this is a labour of love for Norwegian Erik Lorentzen , author and long time Elvis fan, who has found a ton of images and information never before published. But it isn't a cheap book and many fans want to know what it really includes and what format it takes. It is a book that tells you how to look, sound and move like the King! The initial pages of the book are printed on cheap pulp paper stock with large text.

This leads in to the highlight of the book — full color photos from the Keith Alverson Photo Archives. His biography of Elvis is well written and given both its target audience and a minimal pages the final 14 of which are Source Notes, Bibliography and Index , in-depth analysis and commentary are not the objective. Based on the Source Notes it appears Hampton has written his book based on a small, albeit solid group of bibliographic texts. Not surprisingly, cramming the highlights of 17 years into 38 pages means Hampton can only offer a superficial account of the period.

Some may argue this is not such a bad thing when introducing Elvis to a younger market. While it does not resonate with the detail of Guralnick or erudite insight of Dave Marsh, the text nevertheless informs its younger reader with a rich feel of the importance of one of the world's pre-eminent and influential rock and roll forces. School Library Journal: Grade 7 Up—From the foreword, readers learn that Hampton has an admiration for Elvis that reaches back to his childhood.

His enthusiasm and passion for his subject are evident throughout this appealing biography, yet he remains objective about the performer's virtues as well as his tragic flaws. The striking cover photograph complements the lively and accessible text that delves not only into Elvis's life but also his impact on music and American culture. The writing is casual yet authoritative, and includes occasional black-and-white photographs. Readers who can't imagine a world without rock and roll will find this to be an excellent introduction to the man about whom John Lennon once said, "Before there was Elvis, there was nothing.

All rights reserved. Booklist: Elvis may have left the building, but interest in his life hasn't waned. This entry in the Up Close biography series records the familiar tracks in Elvis' life, giving slightly more attention to his assent to fame than the tragic descent into narcotics addiction and his extravagant lifestyle in the final years. The strained relationships with wife Priscilla and the controlling Colonel Parker are included, but daughter Lisa Marie is barely mentioned.

Hampton provides plentiful examples to back up first girlfriend Dixie's assertion: "Elvis was just a nice boy who desperately wanted to please people. Source notes and bibliography are appended. The King and Dr. Nick's long awaited memoir was recently released. After three decades of being often maligned by the media and an unforgiving public Elvis' personal physician finally has his say.

In conjunction with interviewing Dr. Nick's side of the story. In order to establish the truth, Dr. Nick deserves to be heard and his memoir is a fitting way for him to clearly state his case. Source: EIN, Feb The page book includes many rare and stunning photographs, many of which are unreleased and seen here for the first time. It also features 30 Unreleased tracks privately recorded by Elvis while stationed in the US and Germany.

These recordings are released officially for the first time to the public. What Susan found was an entertaining memoir which has met with some criticism. Susan says:. There are certainly some entertaining anecdotes, such as putting a gift-wrapped box of snakes on a car seat to frighten thieves, and Elvis hiding under a train to escape a horde of sorority sisters.

Well known Australian Elvis historian, Bob Hayden, has released his comprehensive look at the events behind the tour and its trek north, south, east and west around Australia and on to New Zealand. Filled with well researched information and many rare photos, this is a little known tour in Elvis history well worth taking! What we found was illuminating, at times emotional, and occasionally confronting. Never dull and always adding to our understanding of the man, Alanna Nash has written a stunning new book!

As its title implies, Baby, Let's Play House presents the long overdue female perspective on Elvis and answers a number of important questions including how differently Elvis communicated with men and women and the inner anguish which eventually led to his tragic demise. Source: EIN, 1 December EIN's Nigel Patterson recently explored the fascinating world of Elvis's ancestors and in so doing came face to face with Kings and Queens in many countries across the globe and other wonderful folk who may not have a royal pedigree but who nevertheless share a link to the world's greatest celebrity icon.

Fascinating and eye opening stuff!! Source: EIN, 1 Nov The "first" Dr. Nick's long awaited memoir wil be published. Some fans will recall that back in his story was announced for publication as Who Killed Elvis Presley? For varous reasons that biography was never published, however in his wildly entertaining book, When Elvis Meets the Dalai Lama , Murray Silver reveals the story behind the failed book attempt as well as many other colorful stories about Silver's brushes with celebrity, both secular and sacred.

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Be it the first female to direct an X-rated film to eccentric Memphis Mongo, pro-wrestling, rock groups of the 70s, the Dalai Lama, race relations and the assassination attempt on Dr. A quirky, funny and quietly moving memoir that tells of a road-trip that a young American immigrant undertook with her boyfriend on a pilgrimage to Graceland, travelling across America on Greyhound buses, busking Elvis songs along the way. Description : She Played Elvis is the story of a trip that Shady, a young American immigrant to Australia , undertakes with her Australian boyfriend to rediscover her homeland - which, after several years in Australia , doesn't necessarily feel like 'home' anymore.

As part of the journey, the pair decide to make a pilgrimage across America , travelling on Greyhound buses, to get to Graceland for the celebrations of the 25th anniversary of Elvis Presley's death, with Shady busking and singing Elvis songs at cities and towns along the way. As they travel across America , memories of her past begin to surface and Shady realises that while she is coming to understand the meaning of 'home', she is also untangling the knotted threads of her difficult relationship with her estranged, erratic, unreliable and often violent father.

R eader reviews :. Read what EIN thinks why this book is so bad! The first serious Elvis biography was published in The edition of 'Elvis The Biography' combined revised editions of the earlier two volume biography. Back in EIN's Nigel Patterson reviewed the book positively stating that, "Finally, a definitive one volume biography about Elvis - a mandatory inclusion in all fan's Elvis libraries. He states that, Jerry Hopkins has "put his career on 'automatic pilot' and stopped growing. He weakened his standards. He wasted his talent"! Is it a worthy updated re-release after all?

Released in July, this new book release is a surprise which lives up to its title. The stories and recollections come from a diverse group of family, friends and peers. The text is nicely balanced by a mix of photos, archival material and artworks. These need to be seen to be appreciated but it is clear Ronnie would have a very successful other career should he ever decide to give up his day job.

They resonate with rich, vibrant color and each scene depicts an important part of the Elvis story. The book and page design is strong. Overall, it represents very good value for money! Verdict: A welcome addition to the bourgeoning Elvis library. Great stories are complemented by some very rare photos and absolutely stunning artworks by the multi-talented McDowell.

Product Description : Untold stories, candid photographs, and personal memories fill the pages of this ultimate tribute to the king of rock-'n'-roll. From anecdotes about Elvis's high-school years from friend Jimmy Angel to the personal memories of Elvis's best friend, Jerry Schilling, about the Christmas of and Elvis's cousin Edie Hand's childhood memories of their summertime family reunions, this book is a must-have for fans and collectors of Elvis memorabilia.

This collection features contributions from Elvis's friends and family members, country music star Ronnie McDowell's original paintings, and dozens of remarkable pictures by Al Wertheimer. Highlights include the entries from Pat Boone; Louise Smith, widow of Elvis's cousin Gene; and the never-before-told story of the exclusive interview disc jockey Charles Watts recorded with Elvis and his mother, Gladys, and father, Vernon. What we found was a first rate release which will delight all fans. With rare photos, an excellent narrative accont of Elvis in and great sound resonating from the audio component, there is much to be enjoyed and wondered about with this release.

Elvis's use of the "F" word during the show has sparked debate and while some other shows in his Summer season were ordinary, at midnight on 30 August he was in particularly fine form. Click here to read our detailed review. Advanced Elvis Course Book Review : Just when you thought it was safe to venture into the book store, along comes an irreverent, offbeat and at times very funny pilgrimage around Memphis.

Author and essentially Elvis philosopher, CA Conrad, has written a book which is verey different to most other books published around Elvis. What makes Conrad's tour so special? Click here to find out. In his minimalist book, Elvis , Gould provides an at times interesting if unbelievable account of his psychic consultations with Elvis……. Read EIN's review March What is the real story about this release? Is the criticism justified? Amber Smith with Nigel Patterson has explored the more than pages and even more images in Teenagers' Hero , and brings you her detailed review of the release and a few choice words for those who have been critical!

Source: EIN, March Elvis: That's The Way It Is - The Complete Works - book review: With this highly anticipated set now available, Rex Martin has received his copy and presents his initial thoughts on the book component. Does it live up to expectations? Rex provides the early answer! The packaging is superb. All 9 discs are colorful picture discs and the book, while slimline, is full of quality visuals from and information from the film one of the visual highlights is a series of terrific shots of Elvis in his famous red shirt and belt. The strong box holds both the "Behind the Scenes" book and "The Shows" EIN is yet to listen to the audio discs or view the DVDs, but by all accounts, we will not be disappointed.

EIN recently spent a leisurely afternoon with Elvis music playing softly in the background and a nice red at the ready. Read what we discovered! The book, which features 8 chapters that examine all the different aspects of bringing this life-changing programme to air, is very stylish and beautifully laid-out.

There is a real excitement in being able to study every stunning classic Elvis moment in detail and best of all are Steve Binder's recollections giving us yet more insights on this special event and all the tricky production decisions that he had to make a stand for. Click here for our detailed review and images. Re-issued numerous times, principally in softcover format, since On its release, either aggressively lauded as a masterful tour de force or a pretentious, overblown biography on Elvis.

Marsh weaves an almost surrealist tale of a simple country boy thrust into an initially magical world of women and riches far beyond his wildest dreams. He was a star of stage, screen, radio, television and recordings, easily the biggest name in American entertainment, an international figure so persuasively attractive that in other lands, young people had begun to dream of the U. The author is both critic and sympathizer about the King of Rock and Roll and one suspects stands as most of us do, in awe of the incredible primal talent and impact that one man possessed and unleashed upon the world.

Includes a solid bibliography. Book Review - The Man Who Made Elvis Laugh: Sammy Shore's second memoir is filled with wonderful stories about his time with Elvis and the countless other celebrities who he either opened for, or were his good friends. There are many delicious one liners and more involved jokes to keep the reader smiling as you engage in Sammy's trip down memory lane to a sadly by-gone era - the Golden Era of Comedy.

Source: EIN, Sep Other authors write about how Elvis affected their own lives.

See a Problem?

Yet other books are deliberate frauds, the authors claiming to have known Elvis in order to gain fame by association and to sell books. Ms Richards falls into the third category mentioned above Read Susan's review to find out. These would be Elvis' last live appearances before he left for his army stint and would help cement his place in Pop culture forever. This book is a sensational investigation into the phenomenon of Elvis in the fifties presented from a brand new perspective.

The reviews from the time are exhilarating. Up and down the stage he goes, dragging the mike like a captive, undulating, shouting feverishly Then his face sets, his lips curl back and seizing the mike by the scruff of the neck he prowls like a panther up and down the platform, snarling and driving his worshippers crazy. Go here for full review and photos.

Book Review : Lasting fame and greatness depend on the test of time. In this context, Susan MacDougall examines the latest university student text which seeks to answer the question of who is the greatest, Elvis or The Beatles. Is there a definitive answer? Read Susan's detailed review to find out.

Although the social and cultural unrest of youth in the s and s was a worldwide phenomenon, scholars have written little about the interrelationship between youth movements in different countries or movements in developing nations. He shows how Rock music stood at the confluence of several potent forces: modernization, trans-national business, imperialism, and nationalism.

He then elaborates on the effects of these forces in America's neighbor to the south. Rock music first hit Mexico in the s and grew popular among middle class youth, for whom it represented modernity and participation in an international culture. However, Rock music also had its critics; some complained that it represented a threat to traditional Mexican social and cultural values, while others saw it as an instrument of American cultural imperialism.

By the s, Rock music had become a "vehicle for free expression" , and asserted the concerns of young Mexicans from all classes: the desire to interpret for themselves the meaning of Mexico's revolutionary history, the balance between nationalism and internationalism, and the meaning of democracy. A Mexican counterculture known as La Onda "the Wave" emerged by the mids, which challenged traditional values and the ossified official memory of Mexico's revolutionary past. Fearing that La Onda posed a threat to its power, the authoritarian Mexican government suppressed the counterculture movement, including the infamous Tlatelolco Massacre of By , Zolov contends, the Mexican counterculture had been effectively crushed and nearly forgotten.

Zolov describes the political and cultural milieu against which Mexican youth rebelled in exacting and convincing detail, but some phenomena usually associated with the counterculture in developed nations are discussed only briefly, such as drug use among young Mexicans. In fact, one wonders how accurate a portrait of the Mexican counterculture the Rock music genre can provide.

Would a history of Rock in the United States tell the whole story of the American counterculture and political protest movements? Zolov describes Rock as a "mirror" 10 that reflected the concerns of Mexican youth in a rapidly modernization nation. Whether that mirror reflected issues accurately or in a distorted fashion is unclear.

Nevertheless, Refried Elvis is an important work. It provides a wealth of detail on the youth movement in Mexico and highlights the myriad ways in which the world's peoples have been growing closer together, how a global popular culture has been emerging, and yet how domestic issues can still shape the nature of social and cultural protest movements.

The book is an important step in the creation of an international history of "the Sixties" and the worldwide youth rebellion of the Cold War Era. EIN note: Refried Elvis is an excellent examination of socio-cultural movement in Mexico in the context of rock music See "Why Mexico Hated Elvis". Focusing on 9 of Elvis' narrative films, Bill Bram takes us behind the scenes in a revealing and insightful account of Elvis and the making of his films.

Not only are we treated to first hand accounts by hundreds of Elvis' co-stars and production personnel, but the author has accessed actual archival film material.

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Source: EIN, June Visit the "Elvis: Frame By Frame" website. The books require serious intellectual rigour as they take one on a stunning journey traversing hidden name messages, the Hebrew language and the Bible. For those willing to approach the controversial issues in The Name Code trilogy with an open mind there is a rich outcome. EIN recently took a look inside to find out. Source: EIN, May Book Review: "Elvis' Secret Legacy": Elvis' Secret Legacy is a gripping fictional book full of action, adventure, excitement, humour, kidnapping, unseasonable weather effects and the paranormal.

Step into a world of meditation, spirit guides, white light and auras Adding to the intrigue around this book is the author's real claim claim to having been Elvis' date at the Humes High Prom in and the book includes a photograph of the pair in support. But is all as it sems?

Read Susan MacDougall's detailed review and make up your own mind. Reflecting on Ms Wheeler's book in the context of a similar release by June Juanico, Susan offers insight into Kay's observations on important issues including how Hollywood changed Elvis and Colonel Tom Parker. Susan then gives her appraisal of whether or not Growing Up With the Memphis Flash warrants a place in our Elvis libraries. Each different perception of Elvis is part of a mammoth jigsaw puzzle. Elvis' intriguing family tree laid bare: Elvis' ancestry is an area rarely covered.

Over the years it has assumed fascination for some as different stories have emerged as to the King's historical origins. German ancestry has been widely suggested, and in recent years Scottish ancestry and familial relationships to people as diverse as Oprah Winfrey and US presidents suggested. Published after more than 13 years of laborious research many of Ms Bolig's fascinating findings will surprise most fans.

That Elvis has direct relationships to royalty Although it covers , the main focus of the book and bonus CD is the evening show at the Inglewood Forum, May 11th The book contains pages with nearly every photo in colour. Supergroup Led Zeppelin were in the audience and Elvis needed to put on a good show - and the book gives fans a chance to relieve the feel of the concert through some excellent images of Elvis in action. Since it is a much slimmer volume than FTD's 'Rockin' Across Texas' and also containing some audio problems with the soundboard CD, fan reviews have been varied.

Click here to read EIN contributor Armond Joseph 's deeper investigation to see whether it is really worth the price. Source: EIN, Jan What Susan found was a well researched and entertaining book:. This is not a book about Elvis as such. Charlie Connelly set out on a physical journey to discover why Elvis remains an iconic figure to so many people of so many different backgrounds and where his spirit might be found.

Despite being written in a light-hearted, facetious and entertaining style, In Search of Elvis is well researched. For each location visited, Connelly provides description, historical context and his own comments. In fact, if it had an index, this book could almost be used as a guidebook to the various places. The edition of Elvis The Biography combines revised editions of the earlier two volume biography and adds new material advancing the Elvis story to the sale of EPE in to entrepreneur, Robert Sillerman.

Read EIN's review of arguably the definitive one volume Elvis biography. Hoey deftly weaves among illuminating anecdotes about the industry and at times revealing profiles of some of its biggest stars including Elvis Hoey wrote the screenplay for six of Elvis' films. There are two chapters about Elvis including some great anecdotes and interesting insights! Hoey's prose evokes dazzling images of the dramas, highs and lows, and stars of a magical industry which occupies the minds, bookshelves and DVD collections of most people.

Anchored by great design, interesting text and impressive visuals, what Nigel found will please most fans! MRS release another winner! The album features 11 Master tracks, Elvis interviewed by Don Davis, and 24 intriguing session takes. The music is glorious, at times resonating with the searing power and energy of rock 'n' roll's King and at other times beautifully tender. The DVD-Audio in 5. For those who haven't experienced DVD-Audio this is your opportunity to listen to Elvis as you've never listened to him before!!! The 68 page book features strong design and high quality paper stock.

Tunzi Archives; archival session material; and a blow by blow account of Elvis' recording process in the studio. Source: EIN, 13 Nov And while the master photographer was only with Elvis for a relatively short time, the visuals he captured offer a timeless exposition of the young King of Rock 'n' Roll Elvis at his peak. And finally, Wertheimer's magnificent photographs have been released in a way which does them proper justice. What EIN found was the best photo-journal release of and one of the strongest Elvis book releases in many years! Read our full review.

Its themes and believable characters have a broad appeal - from the casual fan to conspiracy theorists who want to debate the events of August 16, Faux Elvis is also unusual in that it is a work of historical fiction, where fact and fiction are blended together. The result is a most satisfying one.

Delightfully written, Faux Elvis is an entertaining and absorbing read. Source: EIN, Oct The book is wide-ranging, insightful, and well-written, and it will satisfy the curiosity of any reader interested in such common phenomena as roadside crosses, football as Southern secular religion, and Elvis relics. Wilson takes as his objects of study a range of popular texts that are both well-known and of interest in their own right, including literary figures such as William Faulkner, painters and visual artists such as Howard Finster, and country music legends like Hank Williams.

He notes that Southern popular religiosity involves a merger of civil and religious imagery in a range of cultural expression. Tracing the influences of evangelical Protestantism, Calvinism, and popular folk religion and supernaturalism historically in Southern regional culture, Wilson establishes the complex ways in which popular religion informs Southern expression. From the Southern Gospel Music Hall of Fame and Museum at Dollywood to the Bear Bryant sports myth, Southern religious-inflected practices and artifacts are a crucible for such region-shaping ideas as nostalgia for a Jeffersonian agrarian ideal.

Wilson establishes how his popular and literary texts reflect racial tensions and negotiations as well as unifying mythologies that are constantly being questioned. He also shows how the influence of religion in Southern rituals illuminates ways of dealing with everything from mortality in the practices involving communal observances of deaths to the ideals of beauty circulated in beauty pageants. Throughout his study, Wilson offers smart arguments about the links between Southern worldviews and Southern popular religious history.

He engagingly details a mass expression of spirituality in key popular culture artifacts and practices. Source: Leigh H. Edwards, PopMatters. What Susan found was both interesting and challenging, as these excerpts from her insightful review attest:. Behind the distorted image of a hard-living rock and roll sex symbol and super star is revealed a vulnerable man with a thirst for understanding and enlightenment. Elvis believed that there is one God who is within us all At the same time, Elvis never rejected his religion, only its rigid adherents and their intolerance of any deviation from the accepted word, remaining a Christian his whole life, but not a Christian to the exclusion of anything else.

In closing her review Susan observes: "Leaves of Elvis' garden" provides a whole different side to the public image of a celebrity. Geller was never the Memphis Mafia's favourite person, but they can't deny his existence and his access to Elvis. I wonder what certain members of the MM will make of this book? I challenge them to read it. It is a superb piece of storytelling with finely drawn characters and a strong moral center.

As you read Contract with the King you find emotional challenges and emotional highs and lows which have personal resonance. At times humorous, at times symbolic, from the opening few pages you know you are in for an entertaining ride. The key narrative premise, the kidnapping of Elvis Presley, is so well realised that the reader What Nigel found was a very entertaining, insightful and somewhat different look at Elvis, and the role gospel music played in both his life and musical development.

Source: EIN, 11 August Susan MacDougall offers her views on Ms Juanico's impressive memoir. With subjects as diverse as food, sex and how Colonel Parker tried to sabotage their relationship, Elvis: in the twilight of memory is a thoughtful, well-written book giving us a window onto events in a pivotal year of Elvis's life when he was on the brink of fame and fortune.

Source: EIN, 11 June The two formed an instant and lasting friendship Step inside Ms Dumas's book as Mandy Squair discovers a visual and narrative treat which will delight many fans. Source: EIN, 8 June The set is an historically important record of "Elvismania"near its peak. And the incredible "live" concert with both sound and vision will blow most fans away. Following Elvis' death in August , his Chief of Security, Dick Grob, commenced a detailed investigation of the circumstances surrounding the King's passing.

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  • Join EIN as we delve inside one of the biggest books ever published about Elvis. With nearly pages, Grob's investigation of the circumstances surrounding Elvis' death reads like a mystery story, full of intriguing twists and turns as it proceeds towards its conclusion. Long out of print, copies of this sought after release are now available from The Elvis Conspiracy? And you'd be wrong. Retired Memphis Police Department Captain Robert Ferguson has compiled Elvis: In the Beat of the Night , an interesting book that focuses on Elvis' friendship — some might even call it an obsession — with police officers.

    The entertainer liked to hang out with policemen, collected police badges wherever he traveled, and enjoyed being made an honorary policeman in any city where he performed. Those tapes might have remained hidden forever, but when biographer Peter Guralnick interviewed Ferguson for Last Train to Memphis he persuaded the former policeman to compile the interviews into the self-published book. Visit the book's website In his introduction, Ferguson says, "Everybody who lives in Memphis has an Elvis story. So I decided to document mine. He began hearing stories about how Elvis enjoyed hanging around cops; Elvis, it seems, actually thought of himself as a police officer.

    Several times, says Ferguson, the singer even rode along with police officers as they made their rounds.

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    The book includes photographs, maps, and interviews with dozens of officers who met and worked with Elvis from the late s until his death in It was a special time that none of us will ever forget, and I'd like to share it with you. Allan's entry to the rich world of Elvis literature is an interesting one. Allan's novel offers the Elvis is alive conspiracy theme, but with a twist. From an informative article on the American Studio Sound Sessions to the deluge of Elvis products planned for the 30th anniversary and a photo article showing Elvis really is everywhere, we found "something for everybody".

    Take a tour of what is in the latest issue with EIN. Susan MacDougall recently delved inside the Westmoreland memoir. She discovered that Kathy loved Elvis deeply and went through emotional traumas adjusting to being only one of the many women in his life. She was determined not to be just another victim and came out the stronger for it. Read Susan's detailed review of a touching and informative book. Read EIN's review. Elvis at 21 New York to Memphis was the stand-out book of its type in and one of the best Elvis book releases in many years!

    Join EIN's Nigel Patterson as he explores the absolutely stunning visual feasts this book has to offer.

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    Together, these two books provide a fascinating glimpse into the private life of Elvis Presley at Graceland. Mary Jenkins and Nancy Rooks were daytime employees at Graceland, both starting out as maids and later taking on the role of cook. Mary started in and Nancy in They worked together for several years and recount unique individual experiences as well as overlapping anecdotes.

    A sublime mix of book, audio and video DVD, and 7" single, Joseph Pirzada has thrown down the gauntlet to Ernst and his upcoming Sun project. Chock full of great photos, historical content and 40 enhanced audio tracks MRS2 is an absolute delight! And the amazing earliest known video footage in full color of Elvis as an up and coming new star in May , will blow many fans away. Patrick Lacy is to be congratulated on Elvis Decoded , a powerful, if at times imperfect, decimation of many of the unfounded theories and claims that have been the fodder of an eager tabloid media and an even more eager Elvis underground movement.

    What Susan finds include some explosive allegations which are sure to split fans and raise the ire of the Memphis Mafia! Some of the issues uncovered by Susan are: Was Elvis a drug addict? Was he drugged against his will? Were members of the Memphis Mafia controlling? Was he sexually profligate? Elvis' generosity and compassion.

    Is Wanda June Hill's book genuine? With an introduction by Mojo Nixon, articles from the New Republic and Harpers sit alongside essays and book extracts. What merit does The Elvis Reader hold? It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship, which eventually led to Schilling's entry into the strange and exciting Presley entourage in Throughout, Schilling treats Elvis evenhandedly, focusing on their friendship but not ignoring the drug problems, isolation, and creative vacuum that killed Presley.

    The King comes alive once again as a romantic, sensitive, caring, and sometimes childish and moody man in a bubble. Refreshingly, the author reveals as much about himself as Elvis, showing how the tinsel lifestyle transformed him from a well-meaning, wide-eyed, obedient kid to a divorced adult wanting freedom and a career. Schilling has captured the aura and grim realities of life with one of the most important American icons of the 20th century.

    Highly recommended for all types of readers. Szatmary, Univ. EIN delves inside a book which differentiates itself from the pack, offering a first-hand account of Elvis and the Colonel at the height of "Elvismania" This is a Source: EIN, November Is this book one of the best of ?

    EIN has only 2 copies left of this great set. The Elvis Interviews Book Review : What do a mysterious southern sheriff, a car thief disguised as an Elvis impersonator, the Japanese Yakuza, the mafia, a locked metal briefcase, a couple of beefy goons, and a washed-up investigative journalist on the brink of a major breakthrough A Pink Cadillac So forms the underlying premise for the latest intriguing Elvis novel. EIN's Nigel Patterson recently submerged himself in Glen Bonham's fast paced adventure story which interlaces its Elvis theme with an assortment of interesting characters and a plot line which twists and turns from page to page.

    But do we really need yet another biography? Piers Beagley investigates. Source: EIN, September Way over-the-top and so large that it will never fit on your bookshelf, this page glossy high quality, high-style book is immense. Even though the fabulous photos are the key to the book, author Jim Piazza does include some pertinent text and observations.

    Suede: The Authorised Biography (3rd Edition) Suede: The Authorised Biography (3rd Edition)
    Suede: The Authorised Biography (3rd Edition) Suede: The Authorised Biography (3rd Edition)
    Suede: The Authorised Biography (3rd Edition) Suede: The Authorised Biography (3rd Edition)
    Suede: The Authorised Biography (3rd Edition) Suede: The Authorised Biography (3rd Edition)
    Suede: The Authorised Biography (3rd Edition) Suede: The Authorised Biography (3rd Edition)
    Suede: The Authorised Biography (3rd Edition) Suede: The Authorised Biography (3rd Edition)

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